Zum Kit Junior


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The ideal robotics kit for creating their first inventions. They will design their own robots, projects and games, building them piece by piece and bringing them to life through programming. Perfect for having fun while feeding their imagination!

Zum Kit Junior is a simple, safe and practical kit. The components are easy to connect and disconnect and are protected by an impact- and drop-resistant casing. Thanks to the tape fasteners, they can put their creations together in a fast and functional way.

Recommended for use by children aged 6 to 11 years.

Specifications Zum Kit Junior

  • Box Contents

    • 1 x Switch
      3 x LED
      2 x Button 
      1 x Multi-sensor
      1 x 7-segment display
      1 x Servo
      2 x Continuous rotation servo
      1 x Zum Junior controller board (Integrated with an RGB LED and a Buzzer)
      2 x 40 cm connector cable with RJ9 connector
      4 x 20 cm connector cable with RJ9 connector
      1 x Battery pack
      1 x USB 2.0 - Micro USB cable (1 m)
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