BQ Zum Extension Box


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BQ Zum Extension Box

Increase the number of projects you can do with the BQ Zum Kit with this extension pack which contains additional sensors and actuators. The kit includes everything you need to widen the scope of your projects. It has a power pack which you can connect to the network and extension cables so that components can reach further. It also includes a joystick, LCD screen, a humidity and temperature sensor, and much more!

Warning! Use under adult supervision. Not recommended for children under 36 months. Contains small parts.

Specifications BQ Zum Extension Box

  • Dimensions and weight

    • 348X220X748
  • Programación

  • Box Contents

    • 1 x Zum Bloq RGB LED
      1 x Zum Bloq RTC (real time clock)
      1 x Zum Bloq Encoder
      2 x Zum Bloq Endstop
      1 x Zum Bloq Joystick
      1 x Button panel
      1 x Zum Bloq Humidity and temperature sensor
      1 x Zum Bloq LCD
      1 x Zum Bloq Microphone
      1 x Power supply
      20 x Extension cables
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