BQ Zum Box

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The contents of our BQ Zum Box and BQ Zum Kit are the same. The only difference is the box in which they are retailed.
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BQ Zum Box

BQ Zum Box is the perfect tool for the youngest members of the family to get to know the wonderful robotics world.

They will develop their imagination and will have more fun than ever while assembling their first robot, part by part, and programming it. They will be able to customise it with their favourite frame and, thanks to our tutorials, videos and practical examples, creating their first robot will be a piece of cake.

Warning! Use under adult supervision. Not recommended for children under 36 months. Contains small parts.

Specifications BQ Zum Box

  • Dimensions and weight

    • 0.6060
      370 x 120 x 70 mm
  • Box Contents

    • 1 x Battery holder
      1 x BQ Zum Core
      2 x IR sensor
      1 x Button
      2 x Light sensor
      1 x Buzzer
      1 x Ultrasound sensor
      1 x Potentiometer
      2 x Led
      1 x Micro-USB Cable
      2 x Miniservo
      2 x Continuous rotation servos