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Zowi is an engaging toy* which will help children discover how technology works.

They can play with it and control it via the Zowi app. They can easily take it apart and put it back together in order to access the circuits or create their own programming projects. A robot which adapts to your rhythm... Every time they complete a project, new functions are unlocked! With Zowi, they will see that technology can be transparent, open and fun.

On the website, they’ll find all the latest news and updates, projects, tutorials and downloadables you need to get the best out of your robot: with science, music, dance and robotics projects. Discover Zowi’s website.

*Recommended for children aged 8 and up.

Specifications Zowi

  • DIY

    • Placa controladora Zowi
      Ultrasonidos Zowi
      Matriz de LED de 5 x 6 px
      Batería de Litio de 4040 mAh
      4 x Servos Futaba s3003
      Cable ultrasonidos
      Cable matriz de LED
      Ranura micro-USB
      Conexión Bluetooth®
      Piezas inyectadas en PC + ABS
  • Dimensions and weight

    • 0.4630
      140 x 153 x 93 mm
  • Programación

    • controlar Zowi con dispositivo Android vía Bluetooth. zowi.bq.com
      Programable con Bitbloq
      Proyectos desde la ZowiApp
  • Box Contents

    • Cable micro-USB
      Llave Allen de 2,5 mm
      Manual de montaje y desmontaje
      Guía rápida