Crystal Screen Protector Aquaris X5

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It is not compatible with Aquaris X5 Plus.


A protective glass sheet providing high resistance against any impacts to the screen. Includes an adhesive silicone layer to keep the pieces of the protector together in the event of breakage. The rigidity of the glass protector makes it simple and straightforward to attach. It has no adverse effect on the tactile response nor the colours of the screen.


It is designed to fully preserve the sensitivity and functioning of the screen.

Compatible with

  • Aquaris X5

Caution! Made of glass, not to be handled by children without adult supervision. For more information, please consult the warnings in the box below which contains the technical specifications for this product.

Specifications Crystal Screen Protector Aquaris X5

  • General

    • One protective sheet
      Microfibre cloth
      Adhesive cleaner
  • Protector de pantalla

    • Care: Use a slightly damp cloth. Do not use any solvents, aerosols, abrasive substances or household cleaning products.

      90% Tempered glass (resistance 9H)
      10% Silicone
      This material is made of glass, a fragile material that is easily be broken and could cause minor injury to the skin and eyes.
  • Size

    • 5"