How to buy

  1. To purchase an item, click on Buy. You will be immediately redirected to the shopping cart.
  2. Once you are in the cart, you can choose to continue shopping or place the order. If you have already selected all the items you want to buy, review your cart and click on Process order.
  3. If you don’t have an account in our store, fill out the billing details and delivery information and choose a payment method. Review the cart one last time and click on Place an Order.
  4. f you already have an account, log in. You can choose an address which you have already saved in the system or you can enter a new one. Choose the payment method, review the cart one last time and then click on Place an Order.

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, do not leave the page or use the Back button on your browser during the card verification process, as it could duplicate the order. Once the payment has been made correctly, you will receive an email with the order information and other instructions on payment, if applicable.

Once your bank or building society has confirmed the payment, the order will be confirmed.