PET-G filament Easy Go 1,75mm


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PET-G is perfect for creating highly-resistant pieces which require more flexibility than PLA.

It is an easy-to-extrude, fast-solidifying material with low contraction and strong adhesion between layers, providing a great alternative to ABS and PLA. It offers high thermal, chemical, water and impact resistance, which makes it the ideal option for pieces to be used outdoors.

PET-G is a material for advanced users. Recommendations:

- Keep the coil in a dry environment away from light sources.
- Use a heated bed at 60-80º. Important: do not clean the bed with alcohol.
- Frequent cleaning of exterior of the hot-end and nozzle is required.

Specifications PET-G filament Easy Go 1,75mm

  • Dimensions and weight

    • 1 kg
      175 mm x 77 mm
      44 mm
      187 x 187 x 83 mm
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